Make Windows 8 machine into TouchScreen

Handmate Windows 8 Pen is specifically designed for Windows 8 PCs. It can change the normal PC screen into touch enable screens with ease. This is a revolutionary accessory made for laptops and desktop and competent enough to convert normal computer screen into touch enable screens for convenience and ease of use.
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If you want to experience and enjoy the features of Windows 8 to the fullest, then Handmate would be the best choice for you. Infrared and Ultrasound technologies have been used in this innovative accessory and this accessory includes a small receiving unit and ultrasonic digital stylus. As the name suggest, the device is specifically designed for Windows 8 PCs and it can convert all non-touch laptops and desktops into touch enable screens.
Step 1: First of all Buy Handmate Windows 8 Pen
Go for buy and see the features and specification of this pen (Visit this site).

 You'll get a pen and connector which one end connect with handmate pen and other end with laptop.
Step 2: Connect Handmate pen with connector
One end of connector would be connect with that pen.
 Step 3: Connector Connect with laptop
Now after connecting pen you need to add connector in laptop on such port.
 Step 4: PC setting in laptop
After connecting both accessories then you need to setting this in your laptop.
First of all go to control panel and then open Tablet PC Settings option.
 Step 5: Calibrate that setting 
When you click on Tablet PC Settings you'll see the window and select Mobile PC Display option in Display.
Step 6: All are done now
Now everything done and need to test your touchscreen experiences.