Make Your Mobile Wireless Chargeable

Here TechDilute tell you new trick by which you can Make Your Mobile Wireless Chargeable.
By mean you can make a wireless charger for your Mobile Phone. You need just follow some steps to do that.It is the simple science about Induction Coil. In below steps I'll tell you about Samsung Galaxy S3 (Make Your Mobile Wireless Chargeable).
The next smartphone generation is likely going to be charged via induction. We demonstrate how the same applies to your mobile
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Step 1: Preparation 
Get yourself an induction charging kit.
Step 1

  1. a battery compartment lid and mat (or block) in a bundle
  2. a soldering rod
  3. tin-lead solder
  4. some stranded wire 
  5. a cutter knife. 

Step 2: Soldering the Palm Lid
Firstly check your kit work properly and then solder two thin wires on the contacts of the secondary coil.
Step 2

Step 3: Connecting the Charging Pins to the Test
Next, solder the free ends to the inner pins of the Galaxy S3. If you have another mobile model, you should find out on the Internet how best to get hold of the correct pins for charging. 
Step 3
Also, pay attention that the wire which is soldered in the Palm at the lower contact is soldered at the upper contact in S3.

Step 4: Executing Functional Test
Now check if a current is flowing by laying the Palm lid on the plinth (connected with the power supply). 
Step 4
The S3 should now show Wireless charging. 

Step 5: Removing the Secondary Coil 
Disconnect the cable from the Palm lid and carefully remove the coil from the lid. 
Step 5

Step 6: Inserting the Secondary Coil 
Stick it into the S3 lid. 
Step 6
Remain in the centre as much as possible so that the lid fits later on. 

Step 7: Closing the Smartphone
Trim the cable and solder the ends to the contacts of the secondary coil again. 
Step 7
Finally, reassemble the device.

Step 8: Wireless Charging 
Lay your smartphone on the charging block for testing – the charging process should now begin.